Saturday, August 01, 2009

Subsidizing Our Way To Affordable Health Insurance: A Futile And Unaffordable Quest

Although still very much under-recognized and fought against by the medical industrial complex and complicit corporate media, there is only one solution to cost containment of our runaway market-based health care system. H. R. 676, coupled with a private delivery system, is a paygo alternative that assures universal coverage of necessary health care for all Americans. It would save up to $400 billion a year and provide a structure within which to put in place other cost-saving efficiencies.

The private health insurance industry is an impediment to reform, not part of the solution. It has survived to this time only through generous subsidies from the government, whether in the employer-based or individual markets or privatized Medicare and Medicaid programs. Until we recognize this, all of our incremental approaches to build on our multi-payer system will be of no avail.

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