Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Story from The UK

A must read personal story about a son born in the UK with significant health issues. The conclusion:

Has there ever been an issue about Leo not receiving care because he is profoundly disabled? Never!
Have we ever had to stand before a "Death Panel" and justify the vast ongoing expense of Leo's care, even though he will never be a productive member of society? NO!
When surveys ask people what is the single thing they are proudest about the UK, the winner is The National Health Service.

Read this story and imagine it happening to you. Even if you are middle class with good insurance through your job, a good bit of the time you would want to spend with your sick child, would be spent sending in forms to an insurance company and working with the medical staff to jump through the hoops the insurance company required to justify the treatments.

Then imagine we had a single-payer, Medicare for All, system where you presented your card once.

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