Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dan Agin: Reality Check: National Health Care is National Security

A public health service is not just a convenience, it's a vital part of the national security of a country. What we call "public health" is just part of national health -- and national health will always also be part of national security.

How many lives would we save, and how much would our health and productivity improve, if we had at least the beginning of an efficient and accessible national health service?

We do not farm out our national security to private interests. The reason is simple: history demonstrates that private interests will usually give their bank accounts priority over any other concern.

Does anyone really believe executives in the health insurance industry and health care industries will ever sacrifice profits for the sake of national health? They will not do that. Their record is clear that they will not do that. They simply do not think in those terms. Private health care interests cannot be entrusted with our basic national security. We can use them as the equivalents of contractors for certain parts of the job but not for all of the job. We cannot keep all of our health care in the hands of mercenaries. Putting all of our national security in private hands is simply too dangerous. It's a reality -- and we do need reality in our lives.

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