Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Hell With The Blue Dogs: Let Pelosi And Dems Know It!

BLUE DOGS’S NEGOTIATING LIST. Here’s what the conservative Dems are negotiating with leadership, according to a document obtained by the PULSE:

--Effectively bend the cost curve
--Realign incentives to reward high quality, efficient health care; include value-based purchasing, value index, innovation center for Medicare and Medicaid, and other delivery system reforms
--Increase small business exemption and adjust for inflation
--Address end-of-life care
--Adjust the value and cost of subsidy levels
-- Provide affordability credits on a sliding scale from 100-300 percent FPL
-- Public option must negotiate rates with providers, provide greater clarity on opt out, compete on a level playing field, and be available as a fallback
--Establish consumer-driven, state-based co-ops
--Create state-based exchanges with a federal fallback
--Maintain current state-federal partnership with Medicaid, while implementing reforms that increase its value and effectiveness

Read it all - along with Action Items - here.

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