Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sanders' Slowdown For The Public Plan

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has been making a splash on progressive blogs with his very public advocacy for including a strong public plan in health care reform. Sen. Sanders told Ezra Klein that he was going to “try and form a Coalition of the Unwilling. People prepared to stay strong for a strong public option.”

David Waldman at doesn't think Sen. Sanders will go so far as to actually filibuster a health care bill if it doesn't include a public option. But thanks to the reconciliation measure adopted as part of this years budget, Sanders' “Coalition of the Unwilling” doesn't need to. If there is no bill by October 15th health care reform must go through reconciliation.

Former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle believes that a health care reform bill that goes through reconciliation will probably contain a “pure public option.”

Bernie Sanders' coalition doesn't need to filibuster health care reform without a public plan. They don't even need to vote against any bill without a public option. All they need to do is slow down the whole process. (a process which is already very much behind schedule) There are only 12 legislative weeks left before reconciliation is triggered. By dragging their feet and delaying the bill until October the "Coalition of the Unwilling" wins.

Source: The Walker Report

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