Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Can't Be a "Recess" for Citizens Who Want Health Care Reform That Will Work

TAKE ACTION: We will turn the Congressional vacation to our advantage. As the hated Murder by Spreadsheet insurance industry pummels the American people via the public airways with nonstop lies, we need your help to systematically contact every member of the Progressive Caucus to tell them you still want a Single Payer Plan, and to demand that they pledge to vote against any bill that does not contain a strong public option.

There is a new tool - the Vacation Tracker linked below - to track the vacation schedules and movements of progressive members of Congress.

The great folks at FireDog Lake are asking you to let them know where these Congressional members will be, so the information can be posted and citizens, (especially constituents), can meet progressives wherever they are during the recess, and explain to them why they must take the Whip Count Pledge to hold the line in the House come September.

We need YOU to help us make calls to let the White House know that we're aware of the game they're trying to pull on us by trying to call the Conrad co-op scam the "public plan"--and we have to urge Obama to restate his support for a public option, one that is national, administered by the government, and competes with private insurers--like the public option that's in the House Tri-Committee bill and in the Senate HELP bill.

Some senators like Maria Cantwell, and Olympia Snowe, are trying to call the Conrad co-op scam a "public plan." In some of the details leaked yesterday about the Senate Finance Committee bill, the co-operative imagined by Conrad isn't a national co-operative, but rather regional co-operatives which would render them unable to compete fairly with private insurers, and wouldn't do much to keep prices down.

We really need the progressives in the House to continue to stand as a bulwark against whatever crap legislation the Senate might come up with--and we've got to make sure that the best parts of the Senate HELP is reconciled with the best parts of the Senate Finance bill.

We need forty House members to pledge to vote against any bill that has co-ops or triggers the Senate

We need to have the progressives stand up for this. And this is how we're going to accomplish this mission.

The center of activity will shortly move to the states. Progressives will head home, at some point, and we need to assemble a calendar of where they'll be and when they'll be either in their district offices or at public events.

We need everyone who wants health care reform that will help Americans and be sustainable to get involved NOW!




We'll make them regret they ever went home on vacation without passing health care reform, and for allowing the Blue Dog Democrats to hijack the entire process on the health care reform passage of the Tri-Committee bill!

Hat tips to slinkerwink and nyceve at Daily Kos for this content and their work on the issue.

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