Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Story of "Murder by Spreadsheet"

She was covered by her employer's health plan and also, of course, by Workman's Comp, since her injury happened while she was on the job. You'd think this would be a good situation, right? More insurance coverage is better because if company A can't cover you, company B will, right?


Instead of getting her into surgery to repair the rotator cuff, the two insurers started a battle over who was responsible for her care. Neither one wanted to pay for it, because it would cut into their profits. So while she waited for them to come to some kind of an agreement, she had to stay at home, on full workman's comp disability, and her doctors prescribed megadoses of painkillers - specifically, ibuprofen - for her to use to deal with the pain. And, of course, she was in excruciating pain, so she took them.

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