Sunday, June 21, 2009

Single Payer vs the Kennedy/Dodd Public Option

Read and weep.

The "Public Option" vs. Single Payer Compared
 Single-Payer"Public Option"
Number InsuredUniversal CoverageMillions remain uninsured or underinsured
CoverageCoverage for all medically necessary services.Insurers continue to strip-down policies and increase patients' co-payments and deductibles.
CostRedirect $350 billion in administrative waste to care; no net increase in health spending.Increase health spending more than $1 trillion over 10 years.
Savings$350 billion in administrative waste. Further systemic savings achieved through negotiated fee schedule with physicians, global budgeting of hospitals, bulk purchasing of pharmaceuticals, rational planning of capital expenditures, etc.Add further layers of administrative bloat to our health system through the introduction of a regulator / broker "exchange."
SustainabilityLarge scale cost controls (global budgeting, capital planning, etc.) ensure that benefits are sustainable over the long term.Uncontrolled costs ensure that any gains in coverage are quickly erased as government is forced to hike spending or slash benefits.
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"Rationally, single payer is the best system","our system is the worst, most expensive and least effective." - Ex-President Bill Clinton

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