Friday, June 12, 2009

American Medical Association Has Long Donated to Opponents of Health Care Reform

The AMA is not just a bunch of doctors, but among other things an extremely lucrative lobbying organization that has given more than $12 million in campaign contributions to federal candidates since 1998. And since 1998, according to the nonpartisan, some 64 percent of the AMA's donations to federal candidates have been to Republicans -- although 2008, in which the AMA gave 56 percent of its contributions to Democrats, was a notable exception.

Since 1998, almost four-fifths of the AMA's donation to Senate candidates have been to Republicans (including 64 percent in 2008). They have been a bit more equitable on the House side

More from the sources at FiveThirtyEight

The AMA is dying. Mostly made up of richer, older doctors working as specialists. It no longer represents the majority of American physicians- only about 1/3 of doctors; 90% of doctors over the age of 70; less than 30% of doctors under 50.

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