Friday, June 12, 2009

A Look Inside What the Hell Happened with the AMA Today

Great article laying out three theories about the reasons behind the AMA about face today. Pretty long, so just a few snips here - be sure to read it all.

First, the background...

An article appearing in this morning’s NY Times by health politics uber-scribe Robert Pear declared “Doctors’ Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan.” It went on to describe the objections of the American Medical Association (AMA) to the public health insurance option, the centerpiece of the health care plans being pushed by the relevant committees in Congress, in no uncertain terms. But by the early afternoon, the AMA was releasing a “clarifying statement” along the lines of “Oh, of course we’d be OK with certain types of public plans, silly!” So what the hell happened?
The gossip...
Therefore, when the AMA seemed to step up to oppose a critical element of the President’s health care plan, everyone was ready to pounce – and pummel them.

Now, Drum Roll please....
That’s right, the AMA convention begins this Saturday in Chicago. On the agenda includes the usual annual business of the organization, which, judging by their agenda, will doubtlessly include a number of votes on what policies to support or not support on health care reform. I don’t know how your annual conventions go, but if I’m attending one, I generally don’t like it when the organization published a position in the freakin’ New York Times before I even get a chance to vote on it. To say the timing of the article suggests the leadership is nor respecting the opinions of the members is an understatement.

All of this sets up a fascinating moment on Monday when President Obama addresses the AMA Convention. It was already highly anticipated – we know Obama’s new stump speech on health care specifically includes numerous mentions of the public plan – and now has been dialed up to eleven.

I am still laughing at that one.

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