Monday, June 22, 2009

How do Canadians feel about their health care system?

In 2000 there were moves to privatize the Canandia health care system - the one all the GOP talking heads are bashing as being so horrible. Here is what Canadians thought about a bill to make their system more like ours...

Some 6,000 people turned out in Edmonton on Sunday for a rally against Bill 11, the Klein government's proposed private health-care legislation.

It was the largest protest against the legislation to date.

A similar rally in Calgary on Saturday drew 2,500 people.
Ann Isaac, who was at Edmonton's protest, says it was her first rally ever. "I object to the way our government has systematically tried to downsize our health system to open the door to private health care." she told CBC Radio News.
"What were they doing other than hoping the system would fail, so that the people would say we've had enough, we want a private American-style health system?" Douglas asked Sunday's crowd. "Well, the people did not say that for them."


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