Friday, April 10, 2009

Medicare for All

A 2007 idea became this 2009 massive citizen action.
Another website supporting Single Payer. Urges supporters to write 1 letter to 1 person 1 time per month. April is its first full month.

  • You are invited to sign up today for the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign. When you sign up to help get an improved Medicare for All, you also get monthly reminders to send a letter to your U.S. Representative. You also get a list of suggested notes each month from which you can select one to add by hand to your printed letter.

  • Each month you can 1) review the suggestions that come with the reminder 2) print the starting point of your letter, already addressed to your U.S. Representative and 3) optionally add one of the suggested notes by hand to help increase the value of your letter, and 4) complete your letter: date, sign, print your name and address, and stamp/mail the letter.

  • You can also read about the current condition of U.S. health care with its two-part mystery, read real life stories of Americans at home and abroad.

We, the people, can obtain the peace of mind that we have denied ourselves for so very long.

People in all other free-market, high-income, industrialized countries (26 of 26) have peace of mind regarding health care. Those countries have health care for all, paid via their non-profit national health insurance fund. Citizens receive no major medical bills, yet their health care costs are lower by an astonishing amount and their life expectancy is dramatically higher.

It’s time for the U.S. to implement non-profit single-payer national health insurance. The proposed legislation is U.S. House Resolution 676. We need 2/3 of U.S. Representatives to be cosponsors of H.R. 676 to help ensure that they are focused on establishing the best legislation possible.

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