Friday, April 17, 2009

We need the choice of a public plan for health care!

Sign the petition supporting the need for a public option for health care.

Members of Congress are building momentum to pass a public insurance plan for health care. Millions in our country don't have any health coverage at all and millions more have coverage that, like in this video, is getting in the way of the best medical care. If we want to provide quality, affordable health care to everyone in our communities, it's critical that we have every option on the table --- and that includes a public insurance plan.

But the insurance companies want to do everything they can to stop us from having a public choice because they like having a monopoloy and driving up costs (and their profits). And they'll win, unless you help us stop them.

Truth is, a public option for health care will make sure that everyone in this country will have access to quality, affordable health care. Whichever option you choose, private or public, you will be guaranteed health benefits that will meet your needs under a payment plan that is based on your income. Providing a public option that is protected by the government will make sure that the health of our communities will come before the profits of private insurance by forcing them to compete fairly. (Visit our partner, Health Care For America Now! for more information)

A public plan for health care is our best chance to fix health care and fix our economy. Now we need you help in making sure that a public health insurance plan becomes a reality.

Sign the petition supporting the need for a public option for health care.

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