Friday, April 10, 2009

Lane County Calls For Single Payer Health Care Reform [Oregon]

Oregon Public Broadcasting:
Lane County has unanimously passed a resolution calling for Congress to consider a single-payer solution when it debates health care reform.

Over several years, city councils, county governments and other public bodies passed resolutions urging U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. The idea was to create a steady drum beat for change.

Proponents of health care reform are now trying to generate similar momentum to make sure a single-payer solution is seriously considered by Congress.

Health care activist Rand Dawson, made a presentation to Lane County that helped pass the resolution.

Rand Dawson: “We hope this will come to the attention of other counties and other city governments in the stat and possibly the legislature itself.”

Dawson and others say the resolution is needed because institutional interests, like the health insurance industry, are getting better access to congressional leaders than everyday members of the public.

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