Thursday, April 09, 2009

Despite Obstacles in the Senate, Public Health Insurance Will Happen This Year | Future Majority

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Last Friday, the Roosevelt Institution convened the Rx Summit, focusing on health care and young Americans. At this event I made my first attempt at live-tweeting (thanks to Sarah for compiling my tweets for FM), which you should check out for quotes and some mind-blowing statistics from a number of great speakers including, Sara Rosenbaum, Director of GWU Health Policy Department, Joshua Ulibarri, Lake Research Partners, and Lauren Aronson, Policy Director for the White House Office for Healthcare Reform. I also had a chance to sit down with Melinda Gibson of Health Care for America Now, who was a presenter at the Rx Summit, to ask, 'what's wrong and how do we fix it'? In short, Melinda argues that it's all about consumer choice and that choice is coming this year with or without 60 votes from the Senate. She expects legislation to be introduced this month - yes, April.
Read the interview at the blog.

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