Friday, April 10, 2009

HR 676 Week of Action: April 18 - 25 | Single Payer Healthcare: It's The Only Way and It's About Time

HR 676 Week of Action: April 18 - 25
Plan an event or join in one near you!

The healthcare insurance corporations--who have bought access to elected officials through generous campaign contributions--have secured their place at the healthcare reform table. But the majority of Americans and healthcare providers who support single-payer healthcare, along with the 500+ local labor unions, the 40 cities and towns and the Conference of Mayors and other endorsers and activists, have been shut out of the debate.

That why Progressive Democrats of America [PDA] is sponsoring a week of actions promoting HR 676, the single-payer solution! Click here for a listing of our events. If you don’t find one near you, let us know what you plan to do in your community.

Order professionally printed flyers to distribute, for just the cost of shipping!

PDA remains committed to the single-payer solution. The HCAN plan, which many others are buying into, is not a single-payer plan nor will it lead to single-payer healthcare-- just more profits for healthcare corporations and their wealthy CEOs. It’s a government give-away of our hard-earned money. It will leave many Americans uninsured, and it will not contain costs in the same way the single-payer solution will.

Single-payer healthcare is among our founding issues and PDA will continue to push for it inside and outside the beltway. Healthcare corporations exist to make profits for their shareholders, not to provide healthcare; as long as they are part of the equation, real reform will elude us.

(Don't forget to order flyers!)

Tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor HR 676, the one solution that will provide healthcare for all, provide savings and truly reform the healthcare system in the U.S. Click here.

PDA will never say die when it comes to the health and welfare of Americans.

In solidarity,

Tim Carpenter
National Director

Laura Bonham
Deputy Director

Conor Boylan
Field Coordinator

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