Sunday, September 06, 2009

Why The Trigger Is So Dangerous

Is it possible to create a useful trigger? Technically, yes. It would need to be a two year automatic trigger for a Medicare buy in public option if premiums grow faster than Medicare in any area for any one year.

What is so dangerous is that it is incredibly easy to make the trigger worthless or even harmful. Changing a few words in the legislation could strip the trigger of all its power. Understanding the difference between a good trigger and a terrible trigger is not easy. Don't expect the mainstream media ever acknowledge or even notice the difference.

The trigger would become the target of a quiet multi-million dollar all out lobbying assault and could be ruined at the last minute behind closed door with almost zero media coverage. Explaining how the smallest last minute change to the trigger had ruined the whole health care bill would be nearly impossible for progressives.

The trigger is so dangerous because it is so malleable. Progressive would need to guard it like a hawk and there would still be no guarantee that they would not be stabbed in the back at the last minute without media fanfare. If the Congressional progressives embrace a well designed trigger they are setting themselves up for a swift, subtle, and complete betrayal. The trigger could quickly go from a real tool to control cost to a fig leaf, or even a leaf poison ivy.

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