Saturday, September 05, 2009

Us vs. Us: Why we lose the Battles for Health Care Reform

Eight years of the negative progress of G.W. Bush have only allowed the insurance companies to grow stronger. If we don't get meaningful health care reform with a public option passed this time around, then anything else with a bandaid label of reform will not matter. Millions will be left without health care and their numbers will grow by the thousands each day, eventually leaving Nero with all the gold and the rest of us sick and dying by the wayside.

Word is in the mix that Obama is ready to cave in on the public option. If that happens, there will be no competition to reign in insurance profits and the game will be over. It will be four years of waiting for a new President because Obama's term will, for all practical purposes, be over. We may not last the fifteen or twenty years it will take for the next try at health care reform.There may be nothing left in America worthy of saving.

America spends $10,000,000,ooo per month killing people in a foreign land and that only accounts for one of two wars, yet for some ungodly reason we are not willing to spend that money on the health and well being of our own citizens. We should all be ashamed to leave nothing but a legacy of barbarianism for our children and their children.

by: Michael Rodgers - read it all at Open Salon

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