Friday, September 18, 2009

Top Five Reasons the Baucus Bill Is Really, Really Bad

RJ Eskow presents the top 5 reasons that the Baucus bill sucks. We mean really sucks.

1-0the bill allows insurers to charge up to five times as much for some enrollees as for others, based on age.

2- the mandate to buy insurance remains in place, but does nothing to reduce costs because of the ability to charge prohibitive higher prices to older people.

3- the provision to tax so-called Cadillac plans will encourage employers to discriminate against costlier older employees.

4- no public option alternative to private insurance.

5- "[Purchasing councils for co-ops] shall be prohibited from setting payment rates for health care facilities and providers." So small, state based co-ops are expressly prohibited from pooling their purchasing power to force lower prices.

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