Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NPR Enables Stealth Anti-Health Care Reform Activist

Tuesday morning on NPR's "The Takeaway", they allowed a genuine "ringer" to make a flagrantly inflammatory case against health care reform. Host John Hockenberry presented a conversation with two people who were happy with their health coverage, one of whom was Lori Roman, described as "a 46-year-old non-profit executive and political conservative from Annapolis, Maryland." In fact, she is an activist against health care reform, as even a quick check on a link provided on the "Takeaway" website (although not in the audio), would have shown.

Mr. Hockenberry and "The Takeaway" failed to provide even minimal information on this person to allow the audience to understand that they were listening to an activist against health reform, not simply a person with insurance who was happy with her coverage. Instead, they allowed her to make a misleading argument that government involvement would impair the private coverage she enjoys.

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