Monday, January 17, 2011

GOP Leadership Intentionally Distorting Obamacare As Job Killer

Rick Ungar - The Policy Page - Forbes:

"The Republican case is laid out in a document published on January 6th, under the authorship of the House GOP leadership and named, “Obamacare: A budget-busting, job-killing health care law.”

It’s an interesting document and well worth reading.

Indeed, the GOP arguments put forth in the study would be truly compelling were it not for the fact that the claims made are so astonishingly dishonest that it takes but a few hours of research to disprove and discredit virtually every substantial claim they make. If you question this, and I know many of you will, I have carefully provided links to each and every document and report the GOP has relied upon so that you may read these authorities for yourself."
Well worth the time to read the rest, where Mr. Ungar does the work for you.

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