Friday, October 23, 2009

Action Alert: Keep Whipping in the House!

Updates from mcjoan at Daily Kos

There's good news and so-so news coming from the House. With votes still in a state of flux, Pelosi has decided to wait until early next week, probably Monday, to make the decision on whether to include the robust public option based on Medicare Plus 5%, or the negotiated rates public option

All of the "lean yes" members from earlier today have been confirmed as yes votes on the robust public option. Meaning now we're down to about eight that we really need to get. Luckily, folks whipping on the Hill know the most likely folks for us. As CaptUnderpants diaries, these are the members most likely to join in:
* Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8): 202-225-2542, 520-459-3115, 520-881-3588
* Dennis Cardoza (CA-18): 202-225-6131; 209-383-4455, 209-527-1914
* Joe Donnelly (IN-2): 202-225-3915, 574-288-2780
* Curt Schraeder (OR-05): 202-225-5711, 503-588-9100
* Lincoln Davis (TN-04): 202-225-6831, 931-490-8699, 931-473-7251
* Glenn Nye (VA-2): 202-225-4215 757-326-6201
* Jim Costa (CA-20): 202-225-3341, 661-869-1620, 559-495-1620
* Rick Boucher (VA-9): 202-225-3861, 276-628-1145

If you live in the district of any of these Congresspeople, please call and urge him or her to pledge their vote to a robust public option, based on Medicare rates plus 5%. Make sure to call their district offices as well as DC offices. The impact of constituent calls in district offices is much greater because they generally don't get the same volume of calls as the DC office. The House needs to pass the strongest bill possible going into negotiations with the Senate. All of the things that House members have fought to have included in this bill, not just the public option, will be best preserved with the strongest possible bill being passed by the House.

As usual, leadership needs to hear from us, too. Here they are.

* Steny Hoyer (MD-05): 202-225-4131, 301-474-0119, 301-843-1577
* Chris Van Hollen (MD-08): 202-225-5341, 301-424-3501
* Jim Clyburn (SC-06): 202-225-3315, 803-799-1100
* John Larson CT-01): 202-225-2265, 860-278-8888
* Henry Waxman CA-30): 202-225-3976, 323-651-1040
* Chuck Rangel (NY-15): 202-225-4365, 212-663-3900

Below the fold, I have the list of members who have moved into the solid yes column. If you are so inclined, give them a thank you call.

The Yes Votes:

* Ron Klein (FL-22): 202-225-3026, 561-544-6910
* Dennis Moore (KS-03): 202-225-2865, 913-621-0832, 913-383-2013
* Stephen Lynch (MA-09): 202-225-8273, 617-428-2000
* Bob Etheridge (NC-02): 202-225-4531, 919-829-9122, 919-829-9122
* Dina Titus (NV-3): 202-225-3252, 702-387-4941
* John Boccieri (OH-16): 202-225-3876, 330-489-4414
* Steve Driehaus (OH-1): 202-225-2216, 513-684-2723
* Charles Wilson (OH-06): 202-225-5705, 740-633-5705, 330-533-7250
* Christopher Carney (PA-10): 202-225-3731, 570-585-9988, 570-327-1902
* John Sprat (SC-05): 202-225-5501, 803-327-1114
* Ruben Hinojosa (TX-15): 202-225-2531, 956-682-5545, 361-358-8400
* Solomon Ortiz (TX-27): 202-225-7742, 956-541-1242, 361-883-5868
See last night's alert with more names here.

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