Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firefighter Denied Life-Saving Treatment

Tonight, Local 2 investigates why some insurance companies are refusing
to pay for potentially life-saving medical treatments. Have you looked
closely at your health insurance plan?

Chances are, you wouldn't
notice the wording we've discovered that's leaving patients and not the
insurance companies stuck paying for treatment that might save their

Local 2 investigative reporter Amy Davis found it happening all over Texas.

Imagine being told by your doctor that drugs offered in a clinical trial are now your best chance to beat deadly cancer. But
your insurance company says it won't pay for any of it. That's the
battle facing a veteran Houston firefighter, and we've found the same
thing could happen to you. "You either fight them or you give up," said Steve Jahnke, Houston Fire Department district chief.


You shouldn't have to fight your insurance company while you are trying to fight for your life.

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